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Vastu is termed as an ancient Indian Vedic science..
It is said that if moving, constructing or building to apply the principles of vastu there are less malefic or evil influences on ones life, family and property.

The principles of vastu
From the Northeast the Divine Cosmic Energy enters the site. It rises and splits. Half flows toward the Southeast, and half flows towards the Northwest before rising and flowing on towards the Southwest.

The North East has a double positive flow and the Southwest a double negative. South of Southeast and West of Northwest are positive. North of Northwest and East of Southeast are negative.

The Northeast is meant as God's Place. Water is the element. Any time in nature there is water and light, there will be life. The energy of the Northeast is very light and brilliant.

Direction of Knowledge is the East, Southeast is the direction of Fire, South is the direction of Death, Southwest is the direction of Devils, West is Rain, and Northwest is the Windforce.

North, Northeast and East are in the positive field of the site. South, Southwest and West are in the negative field.

Therefore it is best to have a plot that faces North or East (particularly if seeking enlightenment) as you would want to open your door onto God's field, the directions of Wealth, Divinity, or Knowledge, rather than onto the negative field of Death, Devils, and Rain.

Water is the element of the Northeast. The Northeast must always be lower and more open than the Southwest. Swimming pools, ponds, valleys or wells should not be placed in the negative field as any hole or depression will increase the energy of a field. These things in the South or Southwest are not recommended at all. The natural flow of energy is disrupted, resulting in bringing suffering to the inhabitants.

The site becomes very rich in energy and the inhabitants experience great blessings, when the Northeast is lower and more open than the Southwest.

Heavy objects lower the energy of a field and are to be in the negative field. A mountain or a hill in the Southwest can bring great fortune and good health. No energy will be able to enter the site if heavy objects are placed in the Northeast. However wells, pools, and other depressions are very good to have in the Northeast.

The Northeast corner of the house, both inside and out should be very open. Some mistakenly put alters or a religious statue in the Northeast corner as it is the "Place of God." It should be kept open. It is advised to keep everything out of the Northeast corner of all the rooms, particularly the main Northeast corner of the house and yard.

The bedroom should be in the Southwest. The Northwest quadrant would be the second choice. Southeast bedrooms can bring great irritability and insomnia. Northeast is not at all recommended. Study rooms should be built East Facing. It is best to face east when studying. The kitchen should be in the Southeast. Northwest is the second choice.

In vastu, the concern is in how the structure of the building affects the natural energy field, not so much how the flow affects the inhabitants. Therefore one should try to build the structure according to the vastu Principles.